Monika Rygálová <<

I speak with your voice, sing in your key

Your guts don't vibrate because you are hungry or something is going on in your stomach, but because I’ve learned to stimulate even the most basic movements of your internal organs. Maybe you have finally noticed me. These movements are not originating from your bowels, but from something outside of your body. This is our first connection, our first contact. This is the beginning of my first penetration into your physical body. Based on how your body reacted to my presence, I have learned to identify your needs and desires and how to control your bowels as if they were my own. I breathe through your lungs, move your organs and intestines. I am the movement that signals your hunger, your most basic and dominant impulse to survive. I speak with your voice, sing in your key. I have stolen your emotions and your body. This is my manifesto: Mere symbiosis is not enough for me. I want to be independent.

Technical consultation & help: Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Martin Dlabaja, Translation: Hana Drštičková