Karolina Tomanova <<

Heart of a robot

How could such heart look ?
Might even have hands
or just two heart valves.
Might be full of alcohol or blood.
Might be made of steel or brittle glass
and when it bursts it shatters into pieces.
When it dies it won't go to heavenly house.
It will be crushed and recycled into different materials.

Maybe it's drowning it's sorrows in alcohol like me right now
which is also throwing it at life and when he overdoes it
and commits an explosive accident it will be overrun with rust.
Without alcohol and won't be able to move an inch.

Srdce robota

Jak může vypadat takové srdce?
Má snad i ruce
nebo jen dvě chlopně.
může být plný alkoholu nebo krve.
Může být z oceli nebo ze skla křehkého
a když praskne celé se roztříští na kusy.
Když zemře nepůjde do světa nebeského
ale zničího a zrecyklují na jiné hmoty.
Třeba žal zapíjí alkoholem jako já teď
co jej zároveň žene k životu.
Když to přepískne spáchá výbušnou nehodu.
Bez alkoholu zrezne a nezvedne ani nohu.

This work is inspired by the game R.U.R by Karel Čapek which was written in 1920. When reading this game, I always had in mind the time when the Nazis came to the Czech Republic to occupy and occupy it. And in fact, the Nazis were like robots who were under someone's control and gave them orders. I associated this a lot with this time when reading, but Čapek warns in the story about possible negative effects of technology on humanity. He is influenced by his interest in technology, but also by fears about the future of humanity. When I finally read a passage about two robots in love, I wondered what the robot's heart looks like? How do he feel? Does he have human feelings at all? Whether it is full of blood, alcohol, oil or batteries. I decided I could write a poem about it and I asked myself these questions and I started thinking about it. Then I started to draw what such a heart would look like and with my technique I create I created 5 works. The works are drawn with felt-tip pens and then sprayed with hairspray, and I repeat and complete this draining process. Various components and parts or cables are also glued to the paintings. I also thought that I could move it further and it occurred to me that we too could carry the heart of the robot and consider it as ours. So I started making custom clothes and batik t-shirts and paint on them. There is also the inscription I robotm robot and this is my heart which means close to me that it does not matter how you look from the outside or that you do what the crowd does but it depends on what your heart is and it is important to show your heart who you really are. I also created a suit like a robot with parts and components. Since I like dancing, I decided to connect it all by shooting a video where my friend dances like a robot doing certain movements, etc. In fact, people have their robotic part as a device to support the function of the heart or other, so we can also become cyborks. But the heart is always an essential part of every life.

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