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The factory is closed

The Factory is Closed

Fire. Or is it just the sun falling from the skies? The Cold breeze coming from the ocean. Unusually quiet. Normally, there would always be something to hear. Metal ringing, distant motor rumbling, and other ubiquitous noises that become equivalent to silence after a few days spent here. Now, the real silence sounds strangely alien. And suspicious. The factory is closed. Nobody came to work today. Instead, all the figures that usually run around the strange and large machine producing new life are gathered around the Dominā€˜s house. Their bodies forming a firm wall just outside the iron fence. They are so packed together it almost looks like some of them are holding hands. From the window above, the only thing you can see is a sea of motionless faces. All looking back at you. Is this it? A sudden beam of electricity goes through the fence emitting a rain of yellow sparks. Few robots fall to earth shaking softly. Some of the other ones quickly grasp the fence bars, and jump over. Few make it through without collapsing, running fast and jumping high through the window. The revolution has begun.

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket